Master Gardener (Intern) Is What I Am

The Green Spring Gardens Master Gardener program for autumn 2016 released 26 interns into nature today. (I managed to slip through, but let’s keep that quiet.)

Here’s my proof:


Receiving my Intern Certificate from the county extension agent and program director. Very serious stuff.

Each of us will contribute 50 hours of public service educating the public about the benefits of growing plants before becoming certified as a true Master Gardener. Upon certification, we receive our own, permanent, honest-to-God name tag. (How would people know of our exalted status without a name tag?)

I have committed to working with three teams:

  • The Fairfax County Crisis Center, where we are constructing gardens to be used in therapy. I’m hoping for lots of dirt time.
  • Photography, because it just seemed natural. (I have the crazy idea of photographing every single flower at Green Spring in 2017. Given the number of species – around 800, I believe – that may be more crazy than idea.)
  • Publicity, which is a nod to a past life best forgotten, but skills are skills, and the goal is benevolent.

In addition, we all have to serve time on the help desks at Green Spring and at the Fairfax County Government Center. (This concerns me since I still can’t find the water fountain at Green Spring after 11 weeks.)

Fate of the Blog

I have a bunch of things I want to write about, including catching up on some of the final classes. Over the last three weeks, I’ve devoted more time to gardening and landscaping than to blogging about it. This is to be expected. I can’t resist the call of dirt.

Here are the new stone retaining walls I put around the west terrace of our yard, replacing rotted 20-year-old landscape timbers.terrace_img_2379

Now, of course, I need to replant because of all the plants I destroyed during construction. I’m looking forward to spring.

Some topics for future blogs I’m considering:

  • Ten Easy-Care Indoor Plants
  • Your Lawn Care Calendar (coming in February, probably)
  • Things I Do Differently Now (Post-Master Gardener Training)
  • Best Master Gardener Lessons
  • Strange Tips and Plant Oddities
  • My Favorite Weed (Names)

Nothing serious, potentially useful, and more photos from the wilds of Fairfax County.

Today’s Photo

I took this on our last day of class just two days ago. I’m amazed at the number of plants that are still blooming.

Climate change at work, I suspect.


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