Better Not Touch (Never Mind)


Bright_5-30-2018_Poison ivy2_IMG_4955

Toxicodendron radicans (Poison ivy)

I identified last week’s Something Bright flower as poison ivy. That was not correct, as several of my smart followers pointed out.
All agree it is a type of berry, but I am still working to identify it. The options include:
  • Rubus aboriginum — Garden dewberry
  • R. allegheniensis — Allegheny blueberry
  • R. arbutus — Sawtooth blueberry
  • R. caesius — European dewberry
  • R. cuneifolius — Sand blueberry

I should be able to make a final determination when the berries ripen.


Bitter with the Sweet


Our premature spring in Northern Virginia showed off its harbingers almost side by side:


The tiny promise of warmer days, Crocus Chryanthus.





And summer’s threat of weeds unending, Cardamine hirsuta, the hairy bittercress.


Weed-Hairy Bittercress2

And so we take the bitter with the sweet.