Star-Spangled Eyes


Bright_4-19-2018_Golden Ragwort_IMG_9981

Golden ragwort, not to be confused with ragweed. (Packera aurea)
AKA golden groundsel, squaw weed, life root, golden Senecio, uncum, uncum root, waw weed, false valerian, cough weed, female regulator, cocash weed, ragweed, staggerwort, and St. James (but not St. John’s) wort.
And you thought it caused allergies.

Bitter with the Sweet


Our premature spring in Northern Virginia showed off its harbingers almost side by side:


The tiny promise of warmer days, Crocus Chryanthus.





And summer’s threat of weeds unending, Cardamine hirsuta, the hairy bittercress.


Weed-Hairy Bittercress2

And so we take the bitter with the sweet.